Shelton Mini Implants

If you spend more time hiding your smile than sharing it with the world, Shelton mini implants may be the cost-effective, safe solution that you need. At the office of Charles M. Spatz, DMD, PC, our team of educated and experienced dental professionals uses modern technology that is designed to make getting a dental implant less invasive and more affordable. This method boasts a faster recovery time and is perfect for those needing to replace multiple teeth. If, after your consultation with us, you decide that you want to proceed with the procedure, you will be pleased to know that it costs about half of what you'd pay for a traditional implant surgery. Because the titanium post is smaller and uses less bone to create a permanent anchor, it is also an alternative for patients who are not suited for a traditional dental implant due to lack of bone density or other issues. The smaller titanium pins also mean less pain and a shorter recovery time, which is perfect for those who would like the benefits of a permanent dental solution, but don’t want to wait weeks to see results. When you're ready for a permanent alternative to using sticky adhesives and messy clips for your dentures or partials, Shelton mini implants are often the most sensible compromise. At the office of Charles M. Spatz, DMD, PC, our work can be performed without stitches, scalpels, or bone grafts. In fact, it can be done under local anesthesia in the comfort of our office. Call today for your free consultation, and learn if you're an ideal candidate for this revolutionary new treatment.